Giant dingo

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Giant dingo




Dingo - Dingo man - Giant dingo

Окружение: Дикое

· Редкое ездовое

Свойства питомца
Ценность 500☼

· Редкий питомец · Разводимое

Не дрессируется 

Детёныш: 34 180 см3
Подросток: 170 900 см3
Взрослый: 341 800 см3

Взрослый: 1
Максимальный: 10-20
Результат разделки

Съедобные части

Мясо 13-19
Жир 12-16
Мозг 1
Сердце 1
Легкие 2
Кишки 1
Печень 1
Почки 2
Желудок 1
Поджелудочная 1
Глаза 0-2
Селезенка 1

Сырье и материалы

Кости 18-22
Череп 1
Зубы 2
Шкура Кожа
A huge monster in the form of a dingo.

Imagine a wild, yellow dog, but slightly smaller than a polar bear. That is the giant dingo.

Giant dingos happen in every non-freezing savage part of the world, and not only are they far larger than the usual dwarf, they happen in packs and will attack your dwarves.

Giant dingos are exotic pets and can breed.

In adventure mode[править]

They are scary opponents, far more dangerous (and common) than wolves, and a creature you will probably lose a few adventurers to. Do not engage them without full armor and a few friends. They are very fast and in savage worlds can be found in large packs even reaching a dozen dingoes. Be wary when fighting a pack of dingoes head on, and make sure you have space to run. Getting surrounded by these beasts can lead to a lot of fun.

In fortress mode[править]

Do not let non-military dwarves next to them. Alternatively, cage them in traps and tame them and start a giant dingo breeding program. While not trainable, they are deadlier than most bears and due to their [LARGE_PREDATOR] tag, they will attack enemies. As such, they make a good replacement for your dogs, and making them trainable is only a minor modding task.